METRIC: M3 to M180-ISO threading
IMPERIAL: 3/16" to 7" threading to UNC, 8UN, BSW, UNF and BSF.

Type of Product Product Description
Bolts & Screws Hexagonal Square head Normal & heavy series to the following standards:

ANSI B18.2.1, BS: 1083, 1768, 3692, DIN 931, 933, 960 and 961.
Socket Head Cap Socket Head Cap Screw according to ANSI B18.3, BS: 2470, 4168, DIN 912, 913, 914, 915, 916 6912
Engineers studs Engineers Studs according to DIN 835, 938, 939, 940, BS4882
Nuts Hexagonal
Bi-hexagonal 12 point
Normal & heavy series according to ANSI B.18.2.2. BS: 1083, 1768, 1769, 3692, DIN 934, 2510, 6915.
Washers Flat
Spring/lock according to NFE, BS, DIN, ANSI

In addition, we are able to manufacture unique, non-standard items.

Such products include a comprehensive range of hot forged and bar turned fasteners and special components including:

  • Hex Head Bolts and Setscrews
  • Tie Rods
  • 12-Point (ferry head) products
  • Special head forms
  • High precision turned parts
  • Repetition turned part

We are at your service to meet your specific requirements on a breakdown basis when required.


Our range of material grades is extensive. Chemipetro produces components from certified material, including:

Carbon & Alloy Steel:

Mild Steel
080M40 (EN8)
605M63 (EN16)
708M40 (EN19)
817M40 (EN24)
826M40 (EN26)
B7, B5, B16, B16A
BS 4882

Stainless Steel:

303/304 (18-8/A2)/
316 (A4)
A2 & A4 - 50/70/80
B8/B8M/B8T - Class 2
17-4 PH
*Nitronic 50/60
Super Alloys & Duplex Steel:

* Monel 400
* Monel K500
* Inconel, 600/601/625/718
* Incoloy 800/800HT/825/925
* Hastelloy B2/C41C22/C276
* Ferralium 255 (UNS32550)
* UNS S32760
* Zeron 100
* 254SMO (UNSS31254)
A453 660 A&B
NIMONIC 75/80A/90
Titanium Alloys
     >> Carpenter 20
     >> Tantalum


Aluminium Bronze
Silicon Aluminium Bronze
Phosphor Bronze
Manganese Bronze
Naval Brass
Cupro Nickel 70/30
Cupro Nickel 90/10
* Hiduron 191
* Marinel

Fasteners are essential for a lot of different things, but if you’re unsure where to start then the range can often seem daunting. Here’s a quick overview of the various fasteners around including threaded bar, tie rods and socket head cap screws, as well as a bit of info on what to look out for and where to get them.

Threaded bar

Threaded bar is used in just about every industry imaginable and has a number of different uses. To most people, pieces of threaded bar look quite a lot like a screw that’s the same diameter throughout, and it fulfils the same purpose – to join separate pieces together using the threading.

Tie rods

Tie rods are slender ties that are used to help hold structures together, with the most common (or at least the most commonly noticed) tie rods being the spokes of bicycle wheels. Often made of steel or other metal, tie rods can’t hold heavy weights but can act as great structural supports and are used in a range of industries.


Socket head cap screws

Socket head cap screws are a type of screw with a hexagonal and recessed drive, allowing them to be flush or recessed from the surface. Once in place socket head cap screws can be incredibly difficult to loosen, making them ideal in a lot of assembly lines.

Stud bolts

Stud bolts have threads on both ends enabling them to be permanently screwed into something, meaning that stud bolts are often known as standing bolts. Stud bolts have a fixed part at one end whilst the other enables them to have a nut on, offering great security for your assembly.

12 point bolting

Using 12 point bolting isn’t always necessary in lower-stress environments, and as such a lot of 12 point bolting pieces are known as specialist items that require special manufacture. 12 point bolting items are designed to be used in a lot of high-stress applications, making them particularly strong and durable.

Where to get your fasteners

If you’re looking for fasteners of all kinds, then make sure to check out Chemipetro for our great range. We have plenty of fasteners to choose from including threaded bar, tie rods, socket head cap screws, stud bolts and 12 point bolting, so whatever you’re looking for we’ll be able to accommodate.

We can manufacture standard products but are also able to manufacture non-standard items as well, and pride ourselves on the number of special components we can supply with 12 point bolting being one of our specialties. We can offer fasteners of all kinds made out of just about any material necessary, and all of our products are manufactured to comply with all related standards.

So, if you’re looking for threaded bar, socket head cap screws, stud bolts or indeed any other fasteners, then make sure to see what Chemipetro can do for you. With a great range of products combined with fantastic customer service you’re bound to be impressed, so see if we can supply all of your fastener needs.