Pressure Fittings

Socket Weld and Screwed Pressure Fittings (N.P.T. and B.S.P.)

As well as stocking and supplying mass-produced standard items Chemipetro can produce, from its own forging tools and raw material stocks, difficult materials ranging from Nickel Alloy to Super Duplex.


  • Elbows: 90° and 45°
  • Tees: Equal and Reducing
  • Swage Nipples: Concentric and Eccentric (any combination of ends)
  • Plugs: Hexagonal, Round and Square
  • Unions: Female/female and Male/female
  • Couplings: Full, Half and Reducing
  • Barrel Nipples: Plain, Bevelled or screwed in any combination caps
  • Reducing Bushes and Inserts
  • Sizes ranging from 1/2" - 4"


Pressure Ratings:

  • 150lb
  • 300lb
  • 3000lb
  • 6000lb
  • 9000lb



  • BS 1740
  • BS 3799
  • ANSI B16. 11.


All forging grades - see 'Flanges' page


  • Difficult sizes
  • Higher Pressures
  • Non standard materials
  • Quick Deliveries

Pressure pipe fittings are one of those vital pieces of equipment that are needed in a whole range of industries. Because they’re so important you need to make sure that you’re getting the best quality possible, and also that you’re using the right fitting for the job and that it’s been made to the correct standards. So, here’s a quick run through so you’re familiar with most of the essential pressure fittings, from your weldolets to your couplings.


Weldolets are just one of the many pressure pipe fittings available, being self-reinforced fittings that are used instead of standard tees when the pressure in the pipe is too extreme for anything else.


Couplings are short lengths of pipe used to connect other pieces of tube together either through welding, brazing or soldering. They’re used in pipes that are heavily pressurised and are build to be able to withstand the force of that.


Socket weld

A socket weld is a small pipe attachment that’s used when the pipe has to be inserted into a recessed part of a fitting or valve. The pipe is welded in place to withstand heavy pressure, utilising the socket weld.

BSPT and BSPP – British Standard Pipe Taper Thread and Parallel Thread

BSPT and BSPP are types of screw thread that are used to seal pipe ends by connecting an external thread (male) with an internal thread (female). They differ in terms of their size and diameter: BSPT types have a changing diameter throughout the length of the thread, whereas the diameter of all BSPP types remains constant throughout.

Where to buy pressure fittings

As with anything, there are always plenty of places that you can go to find pressure pipe fittings. Searching online is a great place to go as you’ll often be able to buy in bulk, will get great customer service and are more than likely to be able to find just what you’re looking for. If that’s the case, look no further than Chemipetro Limited for all of your weldolets, couplings, BSPT, BSPP and socket weld needs.

Why Chemipetro?

Chemipetro Limited is able to offer you all of the pressure pipe fittings you could possibly need, either from our current stock or by manufacturing your desired weldolets, couplings, socket welds, BSPT and BSPP requirements to order.

Our pressure ratings start at 150lb and go all the way to 9000lb, so whatever your pressure needs we’ll be able to accommodate. We also conform to BS 1740, BS 3799 and ANSI B16.11 standards, and can produce pressure fittings from almost any material required.

We’re specialists in the area and truly excel at being able to offer you everything you need, including difficult sizes and fittings made from non-standard materials to suit higher pressures. We offer incredibly quick turnaround times so if your weldolets, couplings, socket weld, BSPT or BSPP needs are urgent, we’ll be able to accommodate. So, make sure to consider Chemipetro for all of your pressure pipe fitting needs and see what we can do for you.